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My name is Brook Jolley, I'm the founder of the HopperCRM customization to SugarCRM and VICIdial.

I had grown tired of all the CRMs out there being focused on groups, management of a call center, and being designed to work for managers, not for the sales agent. As an independent insurance agent, I had a far different set of needs than a large company, and no CRM on the market addressed my specific needs.

What do sales agents need?

Cluttered Office
  • Lead Management
  • Account/Client Management
  • Support Management
  • Quote Management
  • Prioritization
  • Drip Marketing
  • Automatic Dialing
  • Client Tracking
  • Commission Tracking

That's a huge list of needs.

A lot of agents are still doing this on paper. It's inefficient, time consuming, and wasteful. It's virtually impossible, all things being equal, to outperform an equally skilled agent using paper and sticky notes if they have a CRM.

The problem is, most CRM solutions can do one thing very well, but fail at the others. A CRM that is great at Lead Management, might be completely worthless for client management. A client manager might have no drip marketing, and good luck finding one that integrates a true powerdialer with multi-line dialing into a system that won't accidently turn around and call a valued account in the background and hang up on them.

Because the systems have inherent flaws, you were stuck using a system that was lacking features, or pay for two or more software solutions to do something that should have been done by one.

The solution?

I had 2 products that were open source that fit most of my needs, but they were designed with call centers in mind. Those two products were SugarCRM, an Open Source CRM Software, and VICIdial, a open source predictive dialing platform. They have both been around for years, work great, and are well supported. However, their specific design was for large companies.

"What about the little guys?"

I began work on customization of the two softwares, as they are both open source and open to modification, and made them into something that works for a single agent, or small company. It is primarily focused on Insurance Sales, but there is nothing that would prevent it from working in any sales environment where you have leads that need to be called, quotes to follow up on, service requests to manage, and accounts and clients to keep track of.

What can it do?

SugarCRM is highly robust. Vicidial is highly robust. They're both designed for much heavier usage. It's like using dynamite to go fishing. The current alpha/beta build of my integration can already do the following:

  • Lead Management with drip marketing, call scheduling, and prioritized follow up.
  • Quote Management allowing multiple quotes per client, with automated follow up.
  • Support ticket management with automatic follow up.
  • Power Dialing with an autodialer, using voip technologies with any trunk, at much lower than average cost.

While working on the software I had a breakthrough moment where the idea of automation of the process of prioritization came into play. The process, now patent pending, assigns value to each data piece in the system based on past performance of similar data, then utilizes the score data in order to determine when the data piece should be called. No more dialing down a list and at the end of the day see that there were NEW leads that didn't get called, and you called the old leads. No more waiting till the middle of the day before you notice you didn't call back an important quote you had sent, and losing a deal. It orders your phone calls based on highest likelihood that you make money, so if you only make 1 call all day, it will be the most important call there was.

The other features listed above are coming, along with more. We're going to integrate quote engines, integrate google calendar and tasks, integrate google contacts, add full robust tracking of commissions, add a gui customization system for follow up process, and more.

Sales is a linear process. A CRM is a tool to enforce the strict following of the most efficient linear process. The one that results in the most sales over the shortest timespan, at the highest rate of speed. If your dialer doesn't speak to your CRM, and your CRM doesn't speak to your dialer, if it haphazardly calls over and over, or calls people it shouldn't, you are losing sales, losing money on dialer minutes that were unnecessary, and not performing up to your proper potential. HopperCRM will allow you automatic prioritization and careful timing of your sales process that can be preset, and followed by design in a way that is more efficient than possible with other systems.

When will it be available?

Following our design, which is well into the alpha(usable) state, beta testing is beginning now. We're going to have small test clusters starting up this month (May), and move out from there. The software is going to be released as a hosted version to begin, then released as a ISO for install on home systems or home networks, with access to all tools as the hosted version, other than the patent pending propriety algorithms used for prioritization of calls and dynamic adjustment of lines in use.

There is no reason anyone should pay 200 dollars or more per month for three or more systems that aren't integrated that cannot even fill the needs of an agent. Our system is designed from the ground up to fill all the needs of an individual sales agent, from tracking to direct marketing, lead source integration, and more. It's powered by trusted systems, SugarCRM and Vicidial, both of which see heavy use in large companies.

Since we're powered by open source software, our system can be customized to fit your needs. Since we're designed by an agent, not a programmer by trade, our system has a design that is made to fill an agents needs, not the needs of a manager. Since we're not based on propriatary technology, we don't hold you over a barrel on pricing, force you to pay for minutes you're not using, or for tech support you don't need every month.

Our Blog will be coming soon, so I can keep everyone up to date on progress on HopperCRM, along with a mailing list, videos and pictures of how the system works in action, and more.

Stay tuned. We're about to improve your ROI by reducing your costs and increasing your efficiency. Replace your sledgehammer with a scalpel. Speed your contacts by hopping between them as quickly as possible, instead of crawling with your fingers.